Tanzania Cultural Tour

Tanzania it is the only country in southern Sahara region which has more than 120 native tribes, joined and leave in peace and harmony. Tanzania’s culture is even more diverse than its wildlife but, connected with its common language KISWAHILI/SWAHILI.

Tanzania’s peoples they are among of the most hospitable and friendly people with the series of interesting cultures that visitor can learn about. From the world famous Maasai cultural executions, among of the few tribes in Africa who still endures keeping their age –old customs, traditional lifestyle-semi-nomadic. Adding with a long stay among native in remote area it’s a fascinating experiences that can be combined with wildlife safaris and Zanzibar holidays

Marangu trekking
to Maundi crater

Depart from Arusha approx. 3hrs drive/Moshi town about 45minutes drive, head to Marangu Gate on the eastern side of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Register at the park office, and then start hiking through rain forest to the upper edge of the forest.


Marangu cultural
Day Tour

At the village, we will visit the Chagga cultural centre, visit caves where the Chagga people hide during the war; you will be guided to descend to the caves while the guide narrating the history. In the village, you will also see the traditional Chaga houses


Day tour to
ilkidin’ga village

Ilkidin’ga is among the small villages that surround mount Meru and yet offer valuable cultural programs in Tanzania. It was initiated two hundred years ago by elders, because of moving from one place to another and living communal life.


Day Tour to
Tengeru Cultural

On arrival, the guide will great and show you the place to seat and relax test natural prepared lemon grass and ginger tea with some bites, while enjoying the traditional tea you will be briefed about the Meru tribe their fascinating story about the past and how is the situation at present compared to the past.


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