Selous Game Reserve

Remote and wild, the Selous is the largest game reserve in Africa and contains some of the greatest concentrations of big game left on earth.

The Rufiji River Delta is a striking feature of the game reserve. It connects the Great Ruaha River with the Rufiji River and not far from the park boundaries empties out into the Indian Ocean along the Tanzanian Coast. The Rufiji River is the largest water catchment location in the region, and as such, is home to a varied water and bird life. Along its shores you find hippos and crocodiles. Stiggler’s Gorge, where the Great Ruaha River meets the Rufiji River, is a breathtaking example of the diversity and spectacular scenery along the game reserve’s waterways.

Selous is home to such a Noah’s ark of wildlife that it has been made a World Heritage Site. Some of Africa’s last Black Rhino reside within the reserve, as well as an estimated half of Africa’s wild dog population. Elephant, zebra, buffalo, impala and a diverse array of birdlife complete the picture.

The Selous is unique among Tanzania’s more renowned preserved areas because it is a game reserve, not a national park, and therefore a larger range of activities are permitted. Boating safaris are becoming a popular alternative to vehicle-based trips, and offer visitors a chance to see the diverse life along the Rufiji River up close in all its splendour. Hiking safaris and fly camping are also ideal ways to explore the country and add a bit of adventure to your African experience.

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