Marangu Cultural Day Tour

This tour star and end from Arusha town or Moshi town.

Driving from Arusha town 2-3hrs /Moshi town 45minitues, pass through beautiful plantations of bananas, yams, potatoes and coffee, en route to Kinumakori Waterfall. Marangu Village Tour include various of Cultural Tourism Programs in which visitors are taken by a local guide to meet villagers and learn d their traditional way of life whereby set up with the assistance of our Safaris and Treks guide.

At the village, we will visit the Chagga cultural centre, visit caves where the Chagga people hide during the war; you will be guided to descend to the caves while the guide narrating the history. In the village, you will also see the traditional Chaga houses made of straw roofing and pay a visit the family of a coffee farmer and get to know how to processed coffee step by step, from picking ripe -coffee berries to the final cup of delicious hot coffee. Where you can practice and make your own cup of coffee. Are you interesting with strong local liquor? This is your chance to learn how to make potent banana local Brew and test .Mbege brew is like a ritual drinks to Chagga tribe.

You will be served lunch /local dish NDIZI NYAMA (banana mixed with beef and boiled together with some veggies) you can practice on preparing this delicious food.

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